Animeheaven Alternatives:10 Anime Streaming Sites

Animeheaven Alternatives Anime Streaming Sites

Anime has become a part of our lives where the stories not only depict the reality of the daily walks of life but also do it while maintaining some of the uniqueness. Be it Mirai, or up, your name or wall-e, each of the movies teaches us the value that anime holds in us. Most of the anime is made in Japan and Korea, they are an adaptation of the manga which are generally adapted for shows or even movies.

All these anime movies have become a hit along with its manga. Japan has a huge manga reading base and based on it, the anime watches are growing too. One of the sites that provide uninterrupted streaming of anime movies and shows is known as animeheaven.

It is a site that is free of cost and needs no subscription but keeps on adding new content every day so that the anime lovers around the globe are getting the contents daily without any cost. The interface of the animeheaven EU is very easy to use as the layover is pretty much straight forward.

They hoard the latest as well as a classic collection of animes that will wow your mind. But what to do if you see that the site is down? Don’t worry. We will provide you with alternatives to this site which will help you continue your journey of watching anime.

What are the 10 animeheaven alternatives if you see the message ‘animeheaven down’?

Believe it or not but there are many alternative sites to anime heaven where you can watch and stream anime movies and shows. All these sites are comparatively similar to the functionality that this site provides. Let us discuss in detail which 10 sites have been qualified and made it into the list.

1#) Animeland:

As the name suggests, the site is a land that is composed of anime which will help you find the anime that you have been looking for. It will not only provide you with the anime series but will. Also, keep you updated episode wise and trend-wise too. The interface is very easy to use and one can easily download the content using the internet.

The overlay is easy and pretty much straight forward too which makes it easier to functionalized the site. It has anime starting from dragon ball z to your name, and all of it is free, you don’t have to have a subscription. Just write what you want in the search box or put a genre and the rich list of anime will be put out in front of you.

2#) Manga-anime-here:

We have already discussed how manga is adapted into animated movies and shows. So if you have read manga and it made you appalled to watch the adaption of the manga then you are in the right place as this site has all the adapted animes here, be it movies or shows.

The site is pretty easy to access from any part of the world. So if you want to stream a movie that is classic or latest, you will find it here. Also, the anime list can be directly shared on the social platform too. The database has a collection that is equivalent to animeheaven. However, the collection they have is very fast along with a friendly interface.

3#) Funimation:

This is one of the anime sites that has become so popular. This North America based site is not only an expert when it comes to anime shows but also those of the anime games, and others too. If you click on the anime, you will come to know every detail about the anime which can help you decide whether you should watch it or not.

This particular site is very easy to use and has a very simple layout too. The site is free of cost and one can access it whenever from wherever. All you have to do is just sign up for it so that you can get the latest access to will also give you the chance to post for ads as it is an e-commerce site too.

4#) Animelab:

This particular site is the best site that there is and will provide you with the latest and updated, trendy animes. The content is vast. They have all the dubbed animation too which means there are animes that are dubbed in various languages making it suitable for their users all over. No subscription is needed but to gain the updated contents, you might have to subscribe by putting the right email.

5#) Anime planet:

This really is an anime-planet when it comes to having animes. They have much anime present on their site that you would generally find in anime heaven. This was the first anime database that was launched in 2001 as a part of the plan to provide the people with access to anime.

One of the best things about this site is that all the old content which is not available anywhere can be found here so you just have to sign up in order to access the content.


This particular site has a very easy and refined layover and interfaces that enable the user to use it without any problem. So when one tries to do it, they will be faced with a lot of options to choose from as they provide the vast range of anime series. You don’t have to subscribe to it like other sites require this. The search bar of this particular site is very refined and will give your filters to narrow out your options. So just search for what you want to watch.

7#) Animeultima:

This particular site is also very advanced and is very easy to use. They also will provide you with the easiest interface and search engine layout which will offer you a filter option to narrow down your anime.

Not only anime but they will also provide you with movies and shows. Along with that, you will find subtitles too. This will provide you with the option to download the content too which makes it easier for any user as it will save more data.

8#) Animenova:

This particular site is very easy to use like others and will provide you with the best of options too. They have a wide range of anime series and movies available to them. Along with the anime they also have access to famous mangas along with their adapted animes too. All the contents are available in the high definition. It has an updated search option that will be efficient too. It has a rating section along with a request option too so it means the site is very responsive.

9#) Netflix:

We all know how great the content Netflix has. Along with its own content that Netflix provides, it also provides with the anime movies and shows too. For one money you can watch the anime and other shows for free but after that, you might have to subscribe to it.

They will provide you with a high definition option and the search engine is very concentrated. The content is very good as they are very wide. From death note to almost all ghibli studio movies, even the live-action movies of the manga are available too. Some of the anime movies other than Korean and Japanese animation can be found too. So all you have to do is just browse through the option to get there.

10#) Hulu:

Hulu like Netflix is also a site that is very good. You have to subscribe to get access to the shows, be it other Hollywood shows or anime. it provides you with their own shows and some anime movies and shows too. The interface is very good and the layout is very easy to operate. They not only provide you with animes but will also provide you with some other Hollywood and Bollywood shows and movies too. The site is very responsive and good. You will find better content than any other. All the content that is available there can be watched using the high definition mode which results in accuracy and a crystal clear view.

Animeheaven Alternatives: 10 Anime Streaming Sites Online Discussion
What are the 10 animeheaven alternatives if you see the message ‘animeheaven down’? Starting from Hulu to Netflix, from animenova to animeultima, there are 10 sites that you can rely on. To know what they are, read above.


Anime is no joke for those who have invested a lot of their time in manga. They deserve a site that will help them unearth the germ that anime and other manga series are. All the sites that have been provided here are the best. Now that you know which sites to use after animeheaven down have crashed, enjoy.

www animeheaven EU is a site that gives you access to anime series, movies, and manga. It is a site that is very important to anime lovers. That is why we have provided you with those sites that will be your safe heaven if this one crashes.

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