Mangastream is Dead? Use 7 Alternatives for Manga

Mangastream Alternatives

Mangastream is pure love and if you want to count its fan database, it will never end. This digital comic database has literally more than 100,000 readers and people here come to read manga comics and show immense love towards the Japanese comics that eventually is a combination of modern culture as well as art. You will see that people of every age group absolutely love reading mangas and you do not have to worry about the translation part because they are already translated into English.

Manga comics have previously initiated in Japan but people all over the globe showed love for these comics and made it one of the most trending and leading comics. Starting from a toddler to a retired person, who doesn’t love to read manga comics in their free time? Manga comics has such unique characters, drama, action, romance, intimacy, and many other things. If you have never really read manga and just now you have got some interest then you need to choose the website wisely.

Not every manga comics website translates them into English like mangastream. There are only a few websites where you can get all the translated manga comics and read whichever you want. Mangastreatm is definitely worth checking out but what if it is down? Will you have to stop reading manga then? Of course, NO. We have made a list of 7 alternatives that will be the perfect replacement for mangastream.

However, we will be sharing the list with you so that you can also enjoy free and of course, high-quality manga comics just like us. We should never ever compromise with the thing you love or love to do!

Mangastream Is Dead? Use 7 Alternatives For Manga Online Discussion
Top 7 Best Alternatives For Mangastream We have discussed 7 websites that will lift your mood up and will never let you feel the absence of mangastream.
Mangastream Down Reddit They have never confirmed if they have got Reddit thread or not but their sudden demise will definitely make you think so!
Mangastream Twitter They have firstly deleted all their social media handles and then shut down their super active site. And now, their twitter is also down.

Top 7 Best Alternatives For Mangastream:

You should check out all these 7 sites so that you can read free manga comics here when you are free or when the mangastream is dead. However, the contents are more or less on these 7 websites so if you think that you can One Piece only on Mangastream then you are wrong.

1#) Mangario:

If you want a large collection to choose from just like mangastream then this would be your best choice. They have an organized genre from where you can choose what you want to watch and enjoy the comic. The genre includes adventure, drama, mystery, action, and many more. The layout of this site is pretty convincing and you will see all the popular mangas are featured on the home page.

You can even get access to the newest mangas that have just been released. The choice-making part would be so easy and it will take no extra time. Hence, you can simply scroll the homepage and read your favorite one.

2#) Mangakakalot:

One of the most popular sites for so many reasons. If you are a big fan of mangastream then you will absolutely love this site too. This site in general receives, more than 68.3 million traffic in just one month. Moreover, they have an elegant yet convincing interface, and everything there is listed in a good manner. You will never be haphazard while searching for any particular comic.

They have to menu option on the top of the website where you will get the categories and you can choose according to your mood. They have even featured all the popular manages on the sidebar so that you do not waste time just finding them. Te search bar option will let you search for a particular one. Hence, you can not only Read One Piece on Mangastream but also here.

3#) Mangareader:

If you are a manga lover and since the mangastream is dead, you can visit this site once. Being a manga lover I can assure you that you will get all the best and your favorite mangas here. They have a hell lot of categories and you can choose from them. Even you can search for any specific manga on the search bar.

They feature all the popular and new mangas on the homepage itself so that you can find them easily. They also have an update given the option so you can check the latest updated mangas and read from there too.

4#) MangaPanda:

An amazing website and love of many manga lovers after mangastream. The interface is pretty much the same so you will love it! They have a wide range of categories which will help you to choose from many and you will never end up being confused. The filtering option is nothing but great and you can filter your choice on the basis of statues, type, genres, and popularity.

Hence, you know the reason why people love it so much just after mangastream. You do not even need any sort of account registration to read mangas online. So, let’s read your favorite comic.

5#) Mangago:

Another free and easy to handle website for every age group. Mostly aged people are not really comfortable with the top-notch interface but this website is super easy to stream and read their favorite comic without a single penny. Most of the new mangas can be found here and the homepage itself displays all the popular and loved mangas. So, there is a high chance that you too will find your favorite one here.

They have a customized category and the interface is neat and clean. The genres include adventure, romance, fantasy, action, and a lot more. Hence, if the mangastream is dead, this is a great option to consider.

6#) MangaFreak:

While talking about this website, we will say that the design and interface are a bit difficult to understand as well as find things. Hence, you can understand the layout is not at all user-friendly and not every age group can use this. Although, they have a huge collection of mangas and that too for free.

There is a search bar given on the top and you can simply search there to read your favorite one otherwise you can also re-read a manga from your old history and it’s a great feature. It would be better if you use an ad blocker while reading mangas there as they have a hell lot of display ads.

7#) Mangaowl:

The unique orange and black color combination will definitely catch your attention and of course, the site is also worth visiting. While the mangastream is dead or down, you can visit this website for some amazing mangas and the design will give the best experience ever. they have an amazing night mode feature for all night mode lovers out there!

They have detailed information about all the manga they have featured on their website so you may love reading about the history of your favorite comic too. You can also skip one chapter to another without any hassle. So, what are you waiting for?

Mangastream Down Reddit:

According to the reports, megastream has been offline over a few days and that’s why maybe a Reddit thread has launched and they are probably shut down totally. Eventually, we have seen that their social sites have been deleted too and they have never made any sort of confirmation from their end. You simply can not find your favorite online manga reading site anymore!

Mangastream Twitter:

As we said, they have all of a sudden deleted all their social media sites and they are no longer available online. They didn’t give any such confirmation from their end and eventually, their twitter account is down. So, nobody knows if they have got Reddit thread and done these things because of that of not.


If you want to get a perfect reading mood then you should be using adblocker so that any uninvited ad can not ruin your mood. We know that you must be upset about the sudden death of mangastream but these alternate sites will definitely cheer your mood up!

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