Masterani is Safe? Try Best Masteranime Alternatives

Masterani Safe? Top Masterani Alternatives & Sites

Anime shows, series and movies are getting popular throughout several countries across the globe. This popularity is growing mainly amongst kids and youngsters. However, anime movies have a specific fan base from people of every age group. Now, this popularity and craze of anime shows have brought up various anime streaming website in light. One of the similar streaming sites about which we are going to discuss today is Masterani or Master Anime.

Individuals who are familiar with it may have witnessed it getting down from the web world. Today here we will clear all news about Masterani anime down and will also share its alternatives. Make sure you stick with us throughout the article for getting all the essential information about MasterAnime.

Masterani or Masteranime

It is a viral online anime streaming website. This anime website is used all over the world by its vast fan base. This leading anime website provides free anime movies, shows and series to its users. Master Anime has more than 2500 latest anime movies in HD which can be accessed anytime anywhere from across the world.

With an advanced collection of various genres of anime shows it is very portable to use and surf in it. This anime website is well managed and highly organized, which makes it incredibly user-friendly. One can also dub the shows in the English language that is a plus point for natives. Along with this, one can also place a request for any specific anime that they do not find present in masterani.

The user-friendly home section interface of this site offers various option to select from for its users. These options include random anime suggestions, latest anime uploads, upcoming anime, and you can also report to the admin about nay corrupt, broken or outdated links. This initiative by Masterani me is not just only user-friendly but has also increased the credibility of the website.

Is Masterani safe?

Similar to many other online anime streaming websites, It also features copyright content. This site is not authorized to do so, which makes a little unsafe. However, this is risky only for the website itself as it can get in legal trouble due to this. Unless the user’s it with complete precaution, it is safe for them.

Why is It down?

Many people have come up with the issue of site down a lot lately. Users are wondering about what has happened to It. The reasons for this site down was that the website owners where changing its domain address continuously. This was making the website going to the error page which was not letting its users visit it. It is also said to get blocked in a few countries. However, this fact is not yet wholly confirmed.

So, It’s users can relax as the reason for the down of this website was just a temporary one, and it is still available for streaming unlimited back to back anime. However, people who are looking out for it’s alternatives can take hints from the next section of this article.

Below is a detailed table about Master Anime

Type of content streaming Anime series, movies and shows
Official URL
working website
Safety Not completely safe
Legality Illegal
Content availability Free of cost

Best masterani alternatives 

With the news of this site down, a lot of its users were not satisfied. Although It is still up and working in a well-managed way, again we have got you a list of 10 best master anime alternatives in case you are looking for one. All the online anime streaming websites mentioned in this list are equally popular and user-friendly.

Enlisted below is the list of online anime streaming website with a brief description. You can go through the list to understand it better.

3 KissAnime
4 AnimeFreak
5 GogoAnime.TV
7 DarkAnime
8 Crunchyroll
9 AnimePlanet

1#) 9anime

9anime provides a platform to anime lovers for absolute free of cost. You can watch anime content anytime online for free. This site offers fast streaming and high-quality anime experience without the issue of buffering. You can watch latest as well the old anime series as per your choice.

Its homepage gets designed with a fantastic interface which makes navigation quite easy. It is one of the best alternatives to masterani.

2#) Nyaa one of the top online anime streaming websites. Similar to master anime it offers free anime watching experience at HD quality.

It features information like watch duration, anime size and download option for every anime you watch. You can find old as well as the latest anime on You can either choose from its recommendations or look out for anime of your choice.

3#) KissAnime

It is one of the best alternatives to Masterani. This platform provides you with a large number of animations absolutely for free.

You can start from its free anime content and can also upgrade to the paid version. However, people who are only looking for free anime streaming website KissAnime has a lot to feature in its free version.

People can watch the old anime series as well as the latest one all in one place. KissAnime has thousands of contents available when compared to other alternatives. You can also use its mobile version in any of your android devices.

4#) AnimeFreak

This alternative of masterani provides an HD experience with best picture resolution. Once you register to AnimeFreak, you can get full access to all its features.

Its anime content list is classifying alphabetically with genres as well. This website uploads anime series as soon as they are released.

Similar to other anime in this list, AnimeFreak is also free of cost with vast anime content to offer. It is user-friendly.

5#) Gogoanime

Gogoanime has a massive collection of old and latest anime series for its users. It provides English dubbed anime movies with subheadings.

You can rate its anime series and movies and can also take suggestion from other ratings mentioned. GogoAnime has a million of fans across the world for its high-class anime collection just for free. It also allows its user to build their watch later library of content.

6#) Hulu offers world-class entertainment services for free. It is one of the top anime streamers along with hit movies and TV programs. It has some best collection of high rated videos, TV shows, web series and anime content.

You can access Hulu from any device that is an internet supported such as android or iOS phones, PC/laptop, game console or smart TV. You can either browse it or download it from play store to your device.

7#) DarkAnime

This anime streaming website is quite similar to Masterani, which makes it stand as an alternative. This website provides you with quick navigation with its fantastic layout. You can search for any anime series in its search bar and watch it for free.

8#) Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll offers you anime in the form of series, drama, movies and music. It has content from different parts of the world in various languages. You can choose from its free or paid version according to your interest.

Although its free version has several exciting anime which makes it a master anime alternative. With a vast amount of audiences, it is famous worldwide.

9#) AnimePlanet

AnimePlanet is a world-class online anime streaming website. The best thing about anime-planet is that it features utterly legal anime content about over 25,000.

This website is free of cost and allows its users to build their library with content they wish to watch later. This user-friendly website is one of the great alternatives to it.

10#) Animeultima streams content related to anime drama, movies, shows and series. It is one of the best options for stream limitless and free anime. This website is designed for simple and user-friendly experience as well as it offers you a downloading opportunity for all its anime content.

It is one of the best alternatives to Masterani Reddit. offers features like English subtitles, dubbed series, short movie description, and a discussion forum for upcoming anime content.


One of the channels that can help you to get access to a huge number of cartoons and anime without giving any effort. All you have to do is go to their official site, and voila, you will be ushered with opportunities you have never seen before.


  • Operating this channel is very easy. However, you have to sign in using the information to get access to the content.
  • After this, you can download the content easily. You can online stream it using the wifi too.
  • The content found on the site is all of the HD quality. Depending on your preference, you can even adjust the visual quality.
  • The interface is very easy to operate. Two features that make it easily operable is the categorization system. One can search the content through genre or one can even search the content through alphabetical order.
  • Huge content of cartoons can be accessed through the site. No matter how old the content is, it can be found here. From Tom and Jerry to Cardfight, they have everything.
  • Not only cartoons but you can also get your hands on anime of many genres. From shounen to seinen, from a slice of life to education, you can find it easily. Anime like Dragon Ball Z can easily be accessed.

 12#) Cartoons8

 Another alternative to masterani which you should try at least once in your lifetime. It will help you understand the importance of having a site that never crashes. It seems like a tall order but trusts us when we tell you this, the Cartoons8 has some cool characteristics that can sway your mind easily.


  • One of the most common features of this site is that you can watch the content found in this item without spending a penny. All the content registered here is free.
  • However, you have to register to the site before getting access to it. Registration is important to gain the benefits of a premier user.
  • It offers the best of both worlds. In other words, the site offers both cartoons as well as anime to the users.
  • Old cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Peppa Pig, and more can be found in the cartoons section all day long.
  • For the adults out there, they have some pretty good content under the anime section. Many anime from different genres can be accessed through this site.
  • The videos can be downloaded or streamed online in high definition. The visual effect can be altered.
  • All cartoons registered in the system are synthesized from youtube, Dailymotion, and other sites like that. So the episodes will be in sync.

 13#) Toonova

Toonova has garnered well-deserved fame because of the features and the extension of a thoroughly user-friendly interface. The content that they provide is intrinsically most wanted in the realm of weeks.


  • Toonova has a huge extension of content that covers mostly cartoons and anime. It amalgamates the best of both worlds making sure that each person has something to look forward to.
  • The cartoons that are registered on the site are of old times. From contemporary to old cartoons, you can find anything here. From Noddy to Oswald, from Tom and Jerry to others, there is no stopping here.
  • The anime registered on the site belong to many different genres. The extensive genre provides the person with freedom of choice where they find whatever they new anytime they want
  • Another feature of theirs is that you can avail the videos in high definition.
  • You can download the cartoon or anime or you can stream the content online.
  • You can get your hands in movies too.
  • The content found on the site can be found in the English language.
  • The content can be accessed without any cost.

Final lines

We have tried to provide you with the correct and latest information about this site. The sudden masterani not working situation came as a disappointment to a lot of anime lovers. For that, we have prepared and discussed over a complete list of best master anime alternatives. We hope you will find this article helpful.

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