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This is the digital age in which a lot of us like to view movies, TV shows, etc. in our smartphones and computer online. Although there are several cinema theaters and movie multiplexes that are still operational, the online trend is that which is the craze among people like vodlocker, rainierland and others.

Due to this online viewing preference, there are several paid as well as free online streaming services that have taken over the internet. At present, a lot of streaming services are used by people nowadays, which is the main reason for the entry of all these services. All these online streaming sites give their subscribers access to a lot of new as well as old movies and TV shows.

As of now, there are various online platforms like there are lots of paid streaming services that are available like amazon prime, Netflix, etc. However, there are very few services that offer free content, and vodlocker is one of those services. In this article, vodlocker and its seven alternatives will be discussed.

What is Vodlocker

Most often, vodlocker comes up on the search results when someone searches for sites where they can watch free movies and the latest TV show episodes.

This website is one of the oldest movie streaming portals which has been providing free content to its users from 2015. All the latest movies, TV shows are updated continuously on the vodlocker movies app. There are also some discontinued videos and hard to find films that can be found in its archives.

For viewing any movie content, we just need to go to the vodlocker site, and after that, a list/catalog of the latest movies and shows can be found. Then, simply clicking on the play button below will start playing the video. While some of the new content like Spider man homecoming putlockers can be viewed with vodlocker however, the quality might be quite low as these are recorded by the use of camcorders in movie theatres.

This not only compromises the viewing experience but the quality of audio as well. Here are some steps by which anyone will be able to download free movies and videos on their computers and devices.

  • Download and install any available video fetching/downloading software on the internet.
  • Then fetch the video URL by going to vodlocker.net and copy the link of the video.
  • Then go to the download option of the video downloader and paste the link on the space bar.
  • Now select the output format of the video, for example, WMV, Avi, DivX, etc.

Now, wait for some time until the video gets downloaded.

Is It safe?

Although there are a lot of sites that promise their users to deliver free and high-quality video content; however, they often contain intrusive ad pop-ups, which could lead to the opening of some malicious links. These links might contain harmful viruses or malware.

Due to this reason, it is wise to use the web protection features of some antivirus tools before attempting to access It. Although there were many online reviews that It contains a lot of ads that make a lot of people to get out vodlocker site just after opening it.

However, after checking the site with various website safety checker tools, It was found to be free from all these ads. There are also some claims that this site has been illegitimately posting video content. This raises concerns regarding the legal status of this site. Viewing or downloading any pirated movies is considered to be an illegal offense in most developed countries.

A possible risk factor for this site would be that it is still not very secure. Any type of sensitive information like bank details, credit card details, personal information should not be given to this site as there is no guarantee that all this information will be protected and not shared with any other 3rd party sources.

Points Related to vodlocker Descriptions
Safety Feature Not entirely safe
Is it free Offers free content
Is it legal Have issues with the legality
Official Working URL www.vodlocker.net
Content Types Movies & Animations

While It is considered to be a free site, but recently, it has been charging its users to access its content. Besides that, it is also said to be a website that serves pirated content. Therefore it would be ridiculous to pay for a pirated content subscription while the same amount can be paid to watch original and legitimate content.

Alternatives You Can Pick

Here are some of the vodlocker alternatives which can serve the purpose of providing free and high-quality video content.

S. NO. Alternatives
#1 Los Movies
#2 Popcornflix
#3 Watch Online Series
#4 123Movies
#5 SolarMovie
#6 Primewire
#7 Rainerland

1#) Los movies

This is a movie streaming and download site having a 2000 page catalog of TV shows and movies of all categories and dates. The top trending movies and TV shows can be viewed from the front section of the catalog by typing the movie name along with the site name, for example, Dunkirk putlocker,  where Dunkirk is the film and Putlocker is the hosting site.

However, it must be noted that this site is very intrusive in terms of ad pop-ups, and a variety of ad links can be triggered after opening this site. Therefore it would be better to install an adblocker tool on the web browser.

2#) Popcornflix

This is touted to be a platform in which the latest movies and TV series can be viewed without having to pay for any subscription charges.

A lot of the users have given a hood review in comparison to Putlockers about the video quality besides a high download speed which this streaming site provides. It has a wide range of collection for its genres which includes comedies, sci-fi, horror, etc. besides English subtitles for movies.

3#) Watch online series

Watch online series is a streaming service made, especially for the viewers of various web and TV series. All the episodes of popular TV serials are available on this site. Each new episode of any TV series is added instantly when they are aired. However, a user will need to install ad-blocking software to enjoy it fully.

4#) 123movies

This is a streaming site that has a fantastic looking user interface. Although it has a comprehensive collection of movies and TV shows besides that, it also has a vast collection of anime, Asian drama series, etc.

123movies directly host no content into the servers, but some non-affiliated third parties give those. This feature of 123movies prevents it from being illegal. Although it is recommended that a VPN service should be used while downloading any movies.

5#) SolarMovie

SolarMovie lets its users rate the content which they view. Besides that, it has one of the largest online collections of movies that are matched by only a few video streaming services.

While free users can view and watch anything at any time, but registered users get many facilities and perks. These include options to create a favorite list, early movie requests, and premieres, etc.

6#) Primewire

Primewire is a video streaming service that doesn’t have much appealing design and user interface. If the backdated design is overlooked, then there is a bouquet of movies to discover, just like an atomic blonde putlocker. The videos can be viewed in a low, medium as well as high quality.

7#) Rainierland:

Although the name of this site looks strange, no one should be fooled by it as the video content this site provides quite a top-notch. Any movies which are trending are shown on the right side of its homepage. There is also a separate section in which most of the favorite movies are listed.

Final Takeaway…

A lot of online users access vodlocker to view most of the tv shows and movies for free of cost. However, we should be careful because it is a pirated site, and any casual use of it could cause a lot of legal issues

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