What Is YourPhone.exe & How To Remove It

What Is YourPhone.exe And How To Stop It?

A system failure or lagging system is when you open the task manager to find out the task draining your CPU. Identifying an unknown file in the task manager like yourphone.exe often leads to suspicion. The first thought that pops up in the mind seeing an executable file running in the background is TROJAN ATTACK.

But, not all executable files are Trojan, though many of them run the risk of being infected, executable files are an essential part of various apps. Thus, before telling you how to stop it from running, you must know what is yourphone.exe windows 10?

What Is YourPhone.exe Windows 10

Windows launched yourphone.exe process and made it a part of Windows 10. This process file synchronizes Windows 10 laptops with your Android and/or iOS phone. This helps in picking up exactly where you left when it comes to phone mishaps. From apps to media files, synced up phones with your Windows 10 laptops remain connected which is why Windows 10 users frequently find it running in the background.

This makes it pretty clear that the executable process file is not a trojan file, it is running in the background for a reason. But, if you plan to not use the process file often or ever or even for the sake of your computer’s performance, you may choose to stop this process.

What is yourphone.exe Windows 10?
File Name: YourPhone.exe
Product Name: Microsoft Your Phone
Company Name: Microsoft Corporation
Internal Name: Your Phone
Legal Copyright: ©Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Size: 5.17 MB (mostly)
Path: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.YourPhone

How To Stop YourPhone exe

Despite being a useful app, there not many people utilizing its benefits to the app’s full potential and the reason is, yourphone.exe is still in the development process. Also, due to some amazing features like the ability to text from Windows 10, the executable process file requires to keep systems synced always. However, in the process, it consumes a bit of RAM.

As this executable file is needed to add a feature, disabling or removing it does not affect the performance of the computer. So, if you find this process file creating a bit of trouble for your system, you may simply stop it from running in the background. There are certain ways to do so. The following are the steps that you need to take to protect your RAM in case an executable process file like YourPhone exe keeps running in the background harming the health of your system.

Turn Off or Disable the Executable File

Steps to disable

  • Press the Windows or Start key together with S to open Search on Windows 10 or you may directly type on the search space as well.
  • In the space where ‘Type Here’ is mentioned, type in Background Apps.
  • Now click on the Background Apps from the options to open Settings for background apps.
  • Now find YourPhone from the list of running apps.
  • You will find a toggle button next to YourPhone.exe.
  • The lighted toggle button means it is ON. Click on the blue Toggle to switch it OFF.
  • Now, close the Settings window.
  • Finally, Restart your system.
  • Open and check Task Manager, to find if YourPhone.exe is still running in the background and consuming the RAM and CPU of your system.

Remove the YourPhone.exe Process From Your Computer

Another alternative is to uninstall the YourPhone app. Being a built-in app it comes with the Windows 10 package. Thus, users can’t simply uninstall it in the same way that they can in the case of apps.

 Steps to uninstall the executable file

  • Open the Cortana’s Search Box on your Windows 10 desktop.
  • In the space where ‘Type Here’ is mentioned, type in the word- PowerShell.
  • From the options, find PowerShell and right-click on it to open the context menu.
  • Now find and select ‘Run as Administrator’, generally the second option in the list.
  • In the window, without disturbing the blinking cursor, start typing- “Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage”
  • Once you are done typing, click on Enter and wait, till the process completes.
  • Wait till you are notified of the uninstallation.
  • After the uninstallation of the executable process is complete, Restart your computer.
  • Restart Windows and then visit the Task Manager, to check and confirm the absence of the executable file.

Remove it Using the Uninstalling software

Some time, you are pretty frustrated with the errors and require to remove the software from your computer. However, you are trying everything but it does not remove from the computer due to crash in the system main applications. In that case, you need a software that can forcefully remove the software and give you a relief from the errors related to yourphone windows 10 application.

1) Open a side tab in your browser to start the instructions.

2) download uninstaller windows program from the link and it will be in 5-10 minutes on your computer in .exe format.

3) Now, it is time to install this external application on your windows 10 system, you can use double click or run it like any other file. 

4) Installing will start now and it will ask you some basic questions to finish the setup.

5) Fill all the values and complete all the setting to install the whole application.

6) Now, you need to finish our main task of uninstall of your phone exe file, to do this thing, just run the installed application and choose the yourphone.exe file and press the uninstall button. Software will start things automatically and remove the whole files related to this application to make your system safer and error less. 


 The executable process file in concern is not a trojan file or infected malware. it is a legitimate Windows 10 process file, but to be confirmed always use one good and reliable anti-virus software for your computer.

Keeping an anti-virus installed on your computer is always recommended by experts for the maintenance of your computer’s health and protection of your private data. I think you got all the ideas related to this .exe file and now every process clears for you to make your system without any error. Share our content if you like it thanks.

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